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E-mag W electromagnetic flowmeter

The E-mag W type electromagnetic flowmeter uses a 3.6V lithium battery pack to supply power. It can also provide dual power supply according to site requirements, that is, 220V + 3.6V lithium battery or 24V + 3.6V lithium battery (its supporting converter is IP68 integrated), which is standard. Lithium batteries can work continuously for more than 3 years. If equipped with a high-capacity lithium battery pack, the continuous working time will be longer.
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Kaifeng Instrument E-mag series electromagnetic flow meters (or magnetic flow meters) are comprised of a converter and sensor. Then sensor is placed inline, and the converter picks up the voltage signals generated by the fluid passing through the sensor, then convert the voltage to the readings on the integrated LCD display or a control system.

The battery powered magnetic flow meter uses an well sealed meter body, with various lining material options and different process connection styles it can work for applications as water supply, waste water treatment, chemical plant, brine piping in mining, water-coal transferring, and etc.


The well designed structure provides a hermetic seal that protects against moisture and other contaminants. The sealed housing ensures maximum sensor reliability (up to IP68) by protecting all internal components and wiring from even the most aggressive environments.


With the integrated battery power supply, the meter can be installed to the sites where power access is limited. With 5-section correction calculation, the E-mag C converter provides highly accurate and stable measurements in even the most critical applications. With the advanced self-diagnostic and intuitive local operating interface, it's easy to install, maintenance and operate with best-in-class performance.



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