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LJS-1000 flow computer

Product description

  The main features of the meter are as follows:

  Modular hardware structure and configurable application software, can use pulse, 4 ~ 20mA, RS485, HART, etc. as signal receiving field instrument

  The collected data of the watch;

  Able to detect on-site flow, temperature, and pressure signals, and perform calculations of working condition flow, standard flow and mass flow;

  Has a network interface, can execute the standard modbus TCP / IP protocol, and can also be used as an Internet access port for network data exchange;

  Has two USB interfaces for reading data and expanding peripheral devices;

  With power failure memory function, it can continue to accumulate the total flow after power is restored.

  The main technical parameters

  Main processor system configuration

  CPU: RAM core processor;

  Storage space (ROM) 512M;

  Memory (RAM) 512M;

  SD card expansion supports up to 64G (the SD card must be inserted when the meter is powered on);

  100M adaptive Ethernet port (implement Modbus TCP / IP protocol or TCP / IP protocol);

  2 USB2.0 ports, can be connected to HUB for expansion;

  1 RS232 interface, can be connected to standard embedded thermal printer;

  1 RS485 interface, implementing Modbus protocol (can be customized according to user requirements);

  Standard 7-inch color capacitive touch screen with a resolution of 800 × 480;

  Slave processor system configuration

  CPU: 32-bit Cortex-M3, running frequency is 16MHz;

  Program memory is 128K FLSH / EE;

  Data memory: 8K SRAM;

  Analog input: 6 channels, AD conversion resolution is 24 bits (Σ-Δ), and the minimum sampling rate is 5 times / second;

  Pulse input: 2 channels (multiplexed with channel 5 and channel 6);

  Switch output: 2 channels;

  HART input: 1 channel (multiplexed with channel 1, the inspection instrument does not have this function).

  Working parameters

  Power supply voltage: 220V / AC (variation range: 160 ~ 245V / AC);

  Ambient temperature: 5 ~ 40 ℃;

  Measurement error: analog quantity≤0.1%

  External power supply (transmitter) power: 24V; ≤200mA;

  Dimensions: 210 × 170 × 105;

  Installation method: panel mounting; opening size: 152 × 152.

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