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Integrated intelligent multi-parameter differential pressure type flowmeter

Product description

  This instrument integrates the collection of differential pressure, pressure and temperature signals and field data processing, and is an intelligent multi-parameter flow detection device. It can be matched with throttling devices (standard orifice plate, annular orifice plate, nozzle, venturi tube, V-shaped inner cone) to form an integrated intelligent flow meter, which is used for various liquid, gas, and steam working conditions. Measurement of the volumetric flow and mass flow of the standard. The instrument uses a high-performance microprocessor chip to collect flow, temperature, and pressure signals. After the signals are amplified, non-linearly corrected, and coefficients are calculated, the instantaneous and cumulative flow rates are displayed on-site, and the medium temperature and pressure are displayed. It can output flow signal in unit pulse, (4 ~ 20) mA, RS485 respectively.

  The main characteristics of the meter:

  Precision die-cast aluminum alloy instrument housing, IP65 protection level, suitable for outdoor installation;

  Both explosion-proof and intrinsically safe explosion-proof performance;

  Large screen with backlit LCD screen, clear display, can display the instantaneous flow rate, cumulative flow rate, temperature, pressure value of the medium;

  It has the function of automatic compensation of temperature and pressure of the medium. The temperature and pressure values ​​can be sampled in real time or manually set;

  5-segment meter coefficient, automatic non-linear correction;

  Instantaneous flow unit, working volume flow, standard square volume flow, mass flow unit display can be selected by the user;

  Any small flow signal can be set to be cut off;

  The internal setting parameters and flow values ​​can be permanently saved when the power is off;

  High accuracy, good repeatability and high reliability.

  The main technical parameters:

  Differential pressure measurement range: (0 ~ 6-250) kPa range

  Temperature measurement range: (-20 ~ 400) ℃ step (or according to order requirements)

  Pressure measurement range: (0 ~ 25) MPa step (or according to order requirements)

  Power supply: rated 24VDC (variable range (11.5 ~ 30) VDC)

  Flow system test accuracy:

  A. Real current calibration: ± 0.5%

  B. Theoretical calculations:

  1) Standard orifice plate: ± 1.5%

  2) Other throttling devices: determined by the accuracy of the throttling element

  Maximum accumulated flow display: 9999999999


  A: Unit pulse: 100 / liter, 10 / liter, 1 / liter (user can set)

  B: (4 ~ 20) mA (corresponding to the minimum to maximum instantaneous volume flow)

  C: RS485; Modbus protocol, output instantaneous flow, cumulative flow, medium temperature, pressure value (provided by the protocol)

  Media temperature

  A: Non-explosion-proof type

  B: Explosion-proof type, should comply with the regulations in GB3836.1-2000

  working environment

  A: Temperature: (-20 ~ 50) ℃

  B: Relative humidity: ≤90%

  C: Explosion-proof performance: Flameproof: ExdⅡBT4 ~ T6; Intrinsically safe explosion-proof: ExiaⅡCT4 ~ T6

  Power-down data retention time:> 3 years

  Max power consumption: 0.2W

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