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XL multi-parameter flow signal processor

Product description

  This instrument is an electronic intelligent flow signal processing component, which collects temperature, pressure, and flow signal acquisition, signal amplification, flow calculation, flow display, and remote flow transmission.

  Output as a whole, is a new type of electronic accessory for flow meters. The meter has a modular circuit structure; configurable intelligent software; low power consumption, wide voltage supply

  Electric circuit; and some large screen display electrical housings, making it have wide applicability and good supporting performance. Can be used with various pulse-type flow sensors (turbine, waist wheel,

  It is equipped with snails, vortexes, vortex streets, etc. to form an integrated intelligent flow meter, which is used to measure the volume flow, nominal volume flow and mass flow of various liquids and gases.

  Output flow signal in unit pulse, (4-20) mA, RS485 mode.

  The main characteristics of the meter:

  Precision die-cast aluminum alloy instrument housing, IP65 protection level, suitable for outdoor installation;

  Has explosion-proof performance, flameproof ExdⅡBT4 ~ T6 certificate number: GYB06721; intrinsically safe ExiaⅡCT4 ~ T6 certificate number: GYB06722

  Large screen with backlit LCD screen, clear display, can display the instantaneous flow rate, cumulative flow rate, temperature, pressure value of the medium;

  It has the function of automatic compensation of temperature and pressure of the medium. The temperature and pressure values ​​can be sampled in real time or manually set;

  5-segment meter coefficient, automatic non-linear correction;

  Instantaneous flow unit, working condition volume flow, standard square volume flow, mass flow display can be selected by the user;

  Can set any small flow signal to cut off;

  The internal setting parameters and flow values ​​can be permanently saved when the power is off;

  High accuracy, good repeatability and high reliability;

  Applicable media and compensation methods:

  ① Volume flow without compensation;

  ②Saturated steam mass flow temperature or pressure compensation

  ③ Superheated steam mass flow temperature and pressure compensation

  ④ Compensation of volume flow rate, standard volume flow temperature and pressure in dry and wet air conditions;

  ⑤ Natural gas standard volume flow, mass flow temperature and pressure compensation; (Order by agreement)

  ⑥ Volume compensation, mass flow temperature and pressure compensation for blast furnace gas and coke oven gas; (Order by agreement)

  Compensation for volumetric flow and temperature and pressure of specific gas; (Order by agreement)

  Temperature compensation of specific liquid media, mass flow temperature compensation; (Supply by agreement)

  The main technical parameters:

  Flow input signal:

  A pulse: (1 ~ 5000) Hz; square wave, low level <1V, high level> 2.5; basic sine wave, amplitude ≥10mV

  B Analog: Capacitive differential pressure sensor signal; other analog signals ≥10mV

  Customized according to the special requirements of users

  Temperature input signal: (4 ~ 20) mA; Pt100

  Pressure input signal: (4 ~ 20) mA;

  Power supply: (11.5 ~ 30) VDC


  A Flow rate: Pulse signal: pulse count error ± 1 per 10,000 flow rate; analog signal: ± 0.2%

  B Temperature: ± 0.5%

  C Pressure: ± 0.5%

  Maximum accumulated flow display: 9999999999


  A Unit pulse: 100 / liter, 10 / liter, 1 / liter (user-settable)

  B 4 ~ 20mA (corresponds to the minimum to maximum instantaneous volume flow)

  C RS485; Modbus protocol

  working environment

  Temperature: (-20 ~ 50) ℃

  Relative humidity: ≤90%

  Power-down data retention time:> 3 years

  Max power consumption: 0.2W

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