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LGX Wedge Flow Meter

Product description

Product Overviews

KY wedge (differential pressure) flow meter is very versatile for many applications. It can cope with a wide range of flowing mediums from Gas, water, Chemical, Crude, Slurry and even high temperature Steam applications.  


Features And Functions


● It is used for measuring the flowrate of viscous liquid, the allowed viscosity reaches 500mPa·s.

● It is applicable to fluid with suspended particles and solid mixture.

● Reynolds number features wide application range, and can be used for the extremely low Reynolds number (ReD=300), and the upper limit of Reynolds number exceeds 6.


Technical Parameters

Inside nominal diameter (mm): 25-1400 (ordering after negotiation for bigger caliber)

Nominal pressure (MPa): PN≤6.4MPa

Medium temperature (℃): t≤200℃;

Precision (not precise): Level 1.0 (real flow calibration), Level 1.5, Level 2.0, Level 2.5.

Industry Applications

Throttling device is very useful when considering erosion and pressure recovery restraints.It can cope with a wide range of mediums from Gas, water, Chemical, Crude, Slurry to even high temperature Steam, and can be used for many apllications, such as irigation systems, metallurgy, power stations, chemical industry, municipal water suply project, etc. 

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