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KY-UWM2000 Ultrasonic Water Meter

Product description

Product Overviews

Ultrasonic water meter is new revolutionary, precise and super reliable ultrasonic water meter, which is according to the ISO-4064 GBT778 standard, the water meter is adapted by advanced transit-time measurement technology, with the remarkable features of low power consumption, wide measuring range ratio, stable and reliable measurement.

Each components takes the IP68 protection class, to ensure long time operation though water in the inside meter. Widely used in the urban water supply, water resources management, irrigation, landscape management, industrial production and automation industry.




















Features and Functions


● Each parts of the meter reach IP68 class, and the whole meter reach IP68 class.

● Buit-in batch controller and time accumulater, to control the water supply.

● With the two way PT1000 could realize heat measurement, especially for the refrigeration and air condition industry.

● Double beam ultrasonic sensor for high accuracy.

● Ultrasound measurement, no rotation, no moving parts, stable and reliable operation.


Technical Parameters




ISO4064-2005, GBT778-2007

Measurement   liquids

Water, sewage, seawater(other liquid need   to customized), liquid should be full of the pipe

Medium   temp


Working   environment

Temperature: -10-45°C; humidity≤100%(RH)

Working   pressure

1.6Mpa(2.5Mpa optional)

The   straight pipe of upstream


The   straight pipe of downstream


Climatic   and mechanical

C class

Electromagnetic   compatibility class

E2 class

Communication   interface


Output   signal

Two way OCT pulse output/TTL pulse   output/one way 4-20mAoutput

Power   supply

Built-in lithium battery(3.6V,   19AhV)/DC8-36V power supply

Protection   class

IP68, can work 2m under water

Digital   display

Multi line 9 digital accumulative flow, 4   digital display for instantaneous flow, varies of state prompt and units

Data   storage

EEPROM/FLASH, automatically record the   accumulative flow of last 512 days

Measurement   cycle

Measuring: 1time/second; verification:   4times/second

Power   consumption

≤2.7AH/year, 6 years battery life


Industry Applications



Water supply and drainage: branch line flow measurement, scheduling and management.

Household measurement: building, factory and industrial park water settlement.

Water resources settlement, remote monitoring and computer management.

Agricultural irrigation and landscaping.

Industrial water measurement.

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