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Intimate care to make employees feel warm in winter

  On December 24th, on a few cold days, there was a lively scene near the door guard room in the morning. This is to improve the production and living conditions of employees, to ensure labor protection, and to give all employees brand-name socks (two boxes per person, a total of 24 pairs). This is another cold protection measure in addition to the heaters for employees in the past years. This move allows employees to feel the warmth of the company's extended family in the cold, and also hopes that everyone has a good mood, good condition, and can actively participate in the work, make persistent efforts, create new achievements, and move towards higher goals. Work hard.

Street lamp renovation warms people's hearts

  In order to improve the quality of the meter community and increase the residents' happiness and satisfaction, the property company and the Power Supply Bureau Street Light Institute cooperated to transform the street lights twice in early December. There are 27 street lights in the community, and 33 street lights have been achieved after the transformation and new street lights. After the comprehensive transformation is completed, the night illumination brightness of the meter community is significantly enhanced, bringing safety and convenience for the residents of the community to travel.

Kaifeng Instrument Co., Ltd. held the Spring Festival running event

  At 8 o'clock in the morning on February 3, all employees lined up in front of the office building, the music was flying, and the red flag was fluttering.

Teachers and students gathering at the 50th anniversary of the 69th classmate of Kaifeng Instrument Technology School was held in our company

  On the afternoon of April 22, the 69th graduate of the original Kaifeng Instrument Technology School visited the company to celebrate the 50th anniversary of graduation. The company leaders warmly welcomed all teachers and students and prepared exquisite souvenirs for everyone.

A series of performances by the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions to send culture to the grass-roots level, and to show the feelings of the staff and workers to the grass-roots level started in our company

  On May 23rd, the Kaifeng Federation of Trade Unions "culture sent to the grassroots, and the employees' feelings" sent culture into the grassroots series of performances The first performance of the mechanical building materials industry was held in our company.
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