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Kaifeng YBSH Hydrostatic Pressure Level Meter
YBSH type liquid level transmitter composes of the imported diffusion silicon pressure sensor with quality isolation diaphragm and special circuit module. It features small size, high sensitivity and low temperature drift. The transmitter has two types: throw-in type and side mounting type. According to different installation requirements, it can also be equipped with pointer meter and liquid crystal digital meter for indication on site.
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Kaifeng Instrument YBS Pressure Transmitter
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Kaifeng Instrument XSL Flow Computer (Digital flow counter)
XSL flow computer can work with varied flowmeter, and is used for measuring the working condition volumetric flowrate, standard cubic volumetric flowrate and mass flowrate of liquid, gas and steam.
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Kaifeng WBS Temperature Transmitter (PT100/PT1000)
Features the integrated structure of sensor or transmission circuit at home. It adopts thermal resistor or thermocouple as the temperature sensitive elements, adopts special circuit module to convert the local signal of sensitive element into the standard current which is linear with temperature, the signal can be transmitted with common copper cable, which can save the precious compensation wire or cable, and features low signal transmission distortion, strong anti-interference ability with far transmission.
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Kaifeng Instrument LJS-1000 Flow Computer (Digital flow counter)
Able to detect on-site flow, temperature, and pressure signals, and perform calculations of working condition flow, standard flow and mass flow;   Has a network interface, can execute the standard modbus TCP / IP protocol, and can also be used as an Internet access port for network data exchange; Has two USB interfaces for reading data and expanding peripheral devices;
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Kaifeng Instrument KFB-3151DP Differential Pressure Transmitter
KFB-3151DP/GP series intelligent pressure/differential pressure(DP) transmitter adopts technically mature capacitive sensor, to compensate the temperature and non-linearity of th
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