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Kaifeng Instrument LJG Industrial Sationary Pipe Prover

Product description

Product Overviews

Pipe provers are used to verify or calibrate the measuring feature of positive displacement or velocity flowmeters in closed pipeline under working condition.The Bi-Directional Pipe Prover has proven itself over and over again as one of the most reliable means to verify meter readings and establish meter factors.

Our LJG Type Bidirectional Provers are individually designed in accordance to the space available, the liquid product and the flow rates of the meters to be proved, providing automated, on-site calibration for every flow metering installation, delivering sustainable measurement, appropriate compliance to accuracy and repeatability requirements, and reduced fiscal risk.

Features and Functions


● It can prove or calibrate positive displacement type or velocity type flowmeters outputting pulse signal.

● As a movable flow proving centre,it can prove or calibrate the fowmeter with actual flow under the working condition;the error aroused by the different working condition and proving condition is overcome.

● It can carry out a real time dynamic leak hunting to the conversion valve of the pipe prover to satisfy the requirement of the international MAP.

● There needs no start and stop of the flowmeter in the course of proving or calibration;the error caused by the start and stop of the flowmeters is eliminated.


Technical Parameters


Product Name Volumetric Pipe Prover For Calibration Erification
Type Stationary;Movable
Medium  Water;Crude Oil;Refined Petroleum Products
Accuracy ±0.05%;
Repeatability ≤0.02%
Nominal Diameter DN80~DN350(Vehicle Mounted Movable Pipe prover)
DN80~DN600(Stationary Pipe Prover)
Nominal Pressure PN1.6~6.3MPa;
Flow Range 5~600m3/h(Vehicle Mounted Movable Pipe prover)
2~3000m3/h(Stationary Pipe Prover)
Medium Temperature 15°C~85°C
Medium Viscosity 0.5~500mPa•s
Power Supply 380V.AC.50HZ (Three-phase Four-wire system)
Range Ratio 40:1(Uni-directional)
Explosion Proof Flame-proof Type, ExdIIBT4;
Ambient Temperature 5~45°C


Industry Applications

• Hydrocarbon and chemical processing 
• Pipeline metering terminals 
• Tanker and barge loading facilitites 
• Refineries 
• Petrochemical plants

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