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Kaifeng Instrument LGB Orifice Plate

Product description

Product Overviews

Kaifeng Intstrument LGB orifice plate flow meter is commonly used in clean liquid, gas, and steam services. It is available for all pipe sizes, is especially very cost-effective for measuring flows in larger ones (over 6" diameter). The orifice plate is also approved by many organizations for custody transfer of liquids and gases. 

The orifice plate is basically a thin metal plate with a hole bored in the centre. When a liquid / gas passes through an Orifice Meter, there is a drop in the pressure between the Inlet section and Outlet Section of Orifice Meter. This drop in pressure can be measured using a differential pressure measuring instrument to detemine the flow rate of the fluid.

Features And Functions




● Simple structure, convenient for assembly, correct measurement, without actual flow calibration;

● Low manfacturing cost, broad applicable range;
● Corner tapping,flange tapping,diameral-distance tapping;
● Accuracy is proper, 0.5%~1.5%;
● The accessory complete, the design and calcuation can be done for the customer.

● The Plate Handles are stamped with relevant information such as Tag No, Line I.D, bore size as an example.



Technical Parameters

Assembly consists of
- 2 x ASME Flanges with DP Taps
- Studs & Nuts
- Gasket (If Raised Face Type)

- Orifice Plates
Application Criteria
- Wide Range Flowing Medium Properties
- Medium For Maniflod
- No Maintenance Requirements
- Space Challenges
- Moderate measurement accuracy
Design Code: ISO-5167
Line Size: 2" to 40" (Larger Line Size Available On Application)
Pressure: 150# to 2500# (Higher Pressure Available On Application)
Restrictor Material: SS304, SS316, Monel, Inconel & Hastelloy (Other Material Available On Application)
Flange Material: Carbon steel, Stainless Steel, (Other Material Available On Application)
Trim: Carbon steel, Stainless Steel, (Other Material Available On Application)
Studs, Nuts: Carbon steel, Stainless steel
Differential Pressure Tap Type: Pipe, NPT, Flanged, Valve 

DP orifice types.jpg

Industry Applications

  • It is used to measure the flow rate of fluids in their single state (i.e. gaseous state or liquid state).

  • It can also be used to measure the flow rate of fluids in a mixed state (both gaseous and liquid states) such as, wet steam, or natural gas with water.

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